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Please join the campaign to help the homeless…

Register to join us in our national homeless rucksack appeal where in groups of up to six people, you'll put together some rucksacks and commit to delivering them to homeless people in areas where you know they may be, on Saturday 16th December 2023.

Chris Hill first started this homeless appeal back in 2016 after spending a lot of time in London and seeing many homeless people struggling, then the following year he joined forces with Denise Mortimer and together created the Back to Kindness Homeless Rucksack Appeal supported by Paul Hayes and the Ministry of Sound - who offer their premises and staff for our volunteers to meet and distribute rucksacks of much-needed supplies including food, refreshments, clothing, sleeping bags and more.

With around 150+ volunteers taking part, and in excess of 1000+ rucksacks and sleeping bags distributed, this campaign takes us onto the streets, where we talk to homeless people, give them time, attention and listen non-judgmentally to their stories while providing the supplies they need to get through the difficult winter.

By joining this campaign, we want you to:

  • Get involved and help someone less fortunate than yourself.
  • Help us raise awareness of the homelessness on our streets.
  • Help us to gather and deliver rucksacks that contain supplies that are needed by the homeless on our streets.
  • Make someone’s day and let them know they are not forgotten.
  • Help deliver the Beat My Addictions plan for those who want to overcome addictions.

    Our rucksack donations are typically filled with new essential items, such as a hat, gloves, scarf, thermals, toothbrush, toothpaste - and some non-perishable food items which might otherwise be a luxury such as chocolate and biscuits. We also include food vouchers and sleeping bags.

By registering below, you accept responsibility for yourself and everyone in your group during the exercise of collating the rucksacks and distributing them on the day.


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